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The Jew News Review – March 11, 2023 – “Sunrise, sunset…”

Shabbat shalom! My brain this morning is a whirling dervish of news, topics, and ideas which could probably fill a few months worth of JNR content. Fortunately I have a helper today, my grand daughter Abby, who will keep me focused and gets awarded “muse of the week” for her inspiring presence. Today is also…

The Jew News Review – March 4, 2023 – “The shaming of the true”

Shabbat shalom everyone! It’s Purim week! And I must confess, it’s one of those Jewish holidays that never really caught my attention, until now. It’s very popular in Israel, where there is no halloween equivalent enabling the opportunity to “dress up” and flaunt alter egos. But for some reason, my formal and informal Jewish upbringing…

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