August 25, 2020 – Shalom! The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 24

So, here I am on Tuesday morning, finally getting a quick note out to the Jew Crew and friends. Apologies for the tardiness, but we had a very hectic schedule this weekend visiting new friends and family in Virginia. Great to see Mumsy and Phyllis and the rest of the Virginian cousins, and to meet new friends. Shout out to Hinda and Bob, who we got to meet in person as well. Hinda shared a great story about her Grandfather who had a newspaper route in the Philadelphia area, delivering none other than The Forward to the Jews of the area! 
I have attached this weeks summary from the The Forward, but am just forwarding along to everyone without my normal commentary, as i have not had a chance to read it yet myself. We will pick up again next Saturday with our normal communication. But, i thought i would also share this story from Today’s daily edition about the McCloskeys, the lovely horrible couple from St Louis that brandished their guns at the peaceful BLM protesters and then ended up of course speaking at the first night of the Republican National Convention. Turns out they are not so nice neighbors with the Rabbi from the local congregation, and the Rabbi felt the need to speak out about the character of these hate mongers. Article&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Email Article

And here is the full weekly review.

That’s all for now. Full report coming next weekend.
And hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out.

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