December 19, 2020 – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 41 – Surge Protection

Shabbat Shalom fellow JNR people!
As the vaccine continues to roll out to our front line workers and most vulnerable, it also brings with it the hopes we can eventually return to being our more normal social selves. But until then, I can’t emphasize enough our need to take all precautions. There is no quick fix here, no surge protector you can buy from Amazon. So, be especially careful out there and make smart decisions. No more therapeutic massages for me or trips to Newbury Comics to browse some new vinyl, at least not until herd immunity is achieved. No greater sacrifice could I consider. Seriously, be safe out there, this shit is too real and too deadly not to take seriously.
This week, amid all the positivity of vaccine distribution, the secular news was consistently fouled by the continuing transition nonsense emanating from the Orange turd and his cult following. We continue to look more like a banana republic than a shining city on a hill, but this too shall pass and history will ultimately record that our democracy was strong enough to withstand the worst instincts of men, and that our constitution, however imperfect it may be, and despite the complicity of a morally corrupt Republican party, kept tyranny in check.  Thank you James Madison and the rest of the framers.
Meanwhile, Jewish news also had it’s controversy. The Forward this week, i think for the first time in it’s virtual history, had to reissue it’s on line daily due to an improper subject headline that claimed the Anti Defamation League was responsible for un-inviting a muslim leader who was scheduled to appear on a panel to discuss, (irony dripping here), “After 4 Years of Division, Tension and Bigotry, Now What?” However, the big mistake made by The Forward was attributing the de-panelling to the wrong organization. Good for The Forward for correcting the error, bad for the JUD for de-panelling and not hearing an important voice from the Muslim world, no matter how dissenting. 
Now, what you have all been waiting for, The News of the Jews in review:

  1. Is it beginning to look a lot like Sukkoth? – According to this story, New York City outdoor dining venues are starting to resemble elaborate sukkahs! How lovely! But while it might help keep restaurants in business and bring back the brunch, is it safe? Jury is out, and the snow is not helping either.
  2. Liberal Jews de-platforming dissenting opinions – As mentioned above, this created quite a stir among Jewish groups this week. IMHO, this is yet another example of the trend in liberal circles to ignore vs engage, and not a point of view shared by the editorial board of the JNR.
  3. Frum flush:  Jews at the World Series of Poker table??!!  I’m all in!!! –  Nobel prizes? Check. Female chess champion? Check. Oscar winners? Check. Texas Hold’em? Yup, check that box too! Jewish leadership in the arts, sciences and entertainment world abound, way beyond our proportionality. But we have now joined a new club, in spades. This story is about an Orthodox Jew, Gershon Distenfeld, who has made it to the final table in the coveted poker competition! What does Gershon do when he is not playing poker online? He writes a blog. There may be hope for me yet.
  4. Moroccan Jews getting a lift from new peace deal? – Not sure there was a war going on, so calling the new agreement a “peace deal” might be a misnomer, but nevertheless, Moroccan Jews (yes, there are more than a minion) who have emigrated from Morocco during a diaspora that started in 1948, can now be re-united with their families in Morocco. This is great news for the Moroccan Jewish community and this is an interview with a few Moroccans around the world.
  5. Chicken Soup not good for you???? Holy crap, it might be the end of the world as we know it! – This piece raises the question of salt content in this venerable staple of my wife’s diet. It’s still good for the soul, so throw caution to the wind and keep slurping your soup! (pinkies up, or course)
  6. Max Rose is Jewish and running for Mayor of New York City – And I thought anyone with the name Max had to be a Jewish tailor. I hope Max wins, he seems like a nice Jewish boy.
  7. A Chanukah story from Aushwitz – Elie Wiesel tells a story of courage from the hell of a concentration camp, or was it from Maccabean times?
  8. New York Accents – A book review of EJ White’s, “Tou talking to me? The Unruly History of New York English” – Didn’t interest me, but it might interest others.

Well, that’s all for now. And hey, let’s be really, really careful out there. (skip the massages for a while)
Brad out.

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