November 21, 2020 – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 37 – Hunkering down…..again

Shabbat shalom JNR family and friends!
While the horrific surge continues unabated, and we are preparing for a very different Thanksgiving this year, the JNR also continues unabated!  This morning, while the cold continues to creep in to the Northeast, I am staying warm in the JNR offices while chillin to some nostalgic vinyl spinning on the turntable.  I just listened to Steve Goodman (relative unknown but famous Jewish American song writer, think “City of New Orleans”) singing of all things a song called “Banana Republic”.  And here we are.  We finally have a “President Elect” but our “President Eject” continues to throw a tantrum and lead his cult-like followers into a fantasy world that ignores reality and threatens to undermine Democracy as well as ignite a civil war. I have said it many times, you just can’t make this shit up. 
But enough of that nonsense. We have a few updates to share:
– A great big welcome to our newest JNR members, Lee Tenenhouse and Mark Blostein, Ruth’s sister and cousin respectively, and two great Canadians! Mark is a hopeless Habs fan, but we will forgive him for that. And another big welcome to our favorite machatunim, Bob and Brigitte Worgaftik, Ian’s mom and dad. 
– JNR T-shirts were delivered and apparently received by all as I have been flooded with nothing but praise at the styling comfort and fit of our first swag offering. For those that did not get in on the first round, we will be having a second round, so let me know if you are interested. Our staff worked overtime sorting, packaging and preparing in order that all were received in time for Chanukah. Thank you staff!


And now, without further ajieu, here is the Jew News Review of the week, courtesy of The Forward:
– What does the Torah say about an Orange Turd that refuses to lose? Turns out, quite a lot. And i bet you didn’t know to look in Deuteronomy to find it! Well now you know!

– Hate crimes rise again in 2019, and steadily since you know when – Seems like old news again, but still disturbing.

– Jews and Muslims united by you know who – But, can it continue and build momentum? I recall the arson fire that burned the mosque in Texas and how the local Rabbi provided the muslim community with the Temple to continue their worship. 

– Ossoff defends Wornack over GOP assault on the truth over his Israeli comments – Wornack has been building bridges to the Jewish community for years in Georgia, but some question his loyalties. As you know, I am rarely political, but i suggest if you have any disposable dollars to send them all to support the Dems in this vitally critical runoff race.

– Eric Garcetti, the first Mexican Jewish mayor of LA, could he be the next Jew in Biden’s cabinet? Read about it here.

– The real “Queen’s Gambit”: meet the first woman to qualify for an international chess championship – Great show on Netlix (Sandy and Brad two thumbs up!), but also a great story about the real first woman of chess and the less than charming challenges she faced

– The secret story of the Jewish Condom – My favorite story of the week! A penetrating story about the origins of condoms in the US and Britain and their ultra sensitive Jewish history. 

All for now, and hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out.

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