The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 51 – Spring is in the air!

Shabbat Shalom and happy Purim JNR people! 

Swaths of green grass are beginning to appear amidst the receding and melting snow, the birds are aflutter around the backyard feeders, more vaccines are on their way, and the temperature and humidity levels are both on the rise. These factoids, along with the celebration of Purim, and Sandy’s incessant pronouncements that spring has sprung, lead me to feel upbeat this week, despite the batshit crazy CPAC nonsense happening in Florida this weekend. So, I am setting aside my usual political secular scribblings this week and attempting to focus more on the positives. For example, the $150 investment I made while demonstrating to classes of college kids how to buy bitcoin, has now vaulted me into the billionaires club (as well as a higher tax bracket). One in 10 Americans have now been vaccinated for Covid, and the numbers are ramping up! (Watch out Israel!) And more good news, Megan Markle and Prince William saved a women’s homeless shelter from the Texas storms (nice neighbors to have!) and the Red Sox reported for spring training!  So, boo loudly and clap those groggers  at the mention of Haman, celebrate Esther saving the Jews, but don’t eat too many hamantaschen cookies. And think spring!

Now, for the news of the Jews in review, courtesy of The Forward:

  1. “The most important Biden appointment you never heard of” – Elan Carr left a legacy, mostly positive, as the Orange Turd’s anti-semitism czar, but like most everyone in the Orange Turd’s stench-ridden circle, he didn’t leave without the aroma of a reputational besmirching. This piece summarizes some of the challenges Biden’s pick for this position will face both broadly, and from within the Jewish community. And, you can also learn the term for the opposite of anti-semitism: philosemitism. You gotta love us Jews!
  2. Haredi Jews find it easier to crowdfund for dead families than wear a mask to prevent it – I guess we all have that branch of the family we would rather saw off the tree. Sometimes I wonder what Jewish planet these folks descended from – Jewpiter maybe?
  3. HBO and Woody Allen’s violence laid bare – I have no interest in watching this show, or reading about it. So I have nothing to add here.
  4. Cancel culture: are bible characters next? – I also have no patience for the cancel culture, but this tongue-in-cheek piece calling out certain biblical characters for their transgressions was kind of funny and clever satire.
  5. Jewish Pride and Gay Pride: A tribute to Ari Gold – Never heard of him? Think Ru Paul with a Star of David necklace. Mostly known for his childhood vocals, he just passed from Leukemia at age 47.
  6. Don’t boo Haman this Purim? Do not fall for this ridiculous new call for cancellation of a favorite nemesis and object of our grogger scorn. You should instead provide a loud Bronx cheer for the hateful Haman. But do feel free to be as equally positive in your applause for Queen Esther! 
  7. From the Schmooze: Britney Spears the Esther of our time?!! Please, give me a freaking break. Did Esther embrace her sexuality not to please men but to achieve her goals? Did this new documentary on Britney get released to coincide with Purim? For answers to these ridiculous and scintillating questions and more, read this piece!
  8. Jesusland – This satirical piece really got me thinking. Might not be a bad idea! But there are serious right wing nut jobs promoting this nonsense.  Check it out, and find out who might be the winners and losers in such a redrawing of our national borders. As for me, sign me up for the United States of Canada, eh?

That’s all for now. And hey, it’s still risky out there without your masks, so let’s be careful out there!
Brad out.

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