The Jew News Review – Maskless Week 5 – Final farewell to my father-in-law

Shabbat Shalom.
Yesterday we buried my father-in-law, Bernard “Sonny” Hirsh.  He died unexpectedly Monday evening at the age of 89. He was eulogized beautifully by his three sons, Daniel, David and Stephen, and by his two grandchildren, Michael and Adam. We will miss him dearly. It is very sad to lose him, but we are grateful for the wonderful years we had with him, and will always cherish the memories of a life well lived surrounded by an adoring family and many friends. Everyone loved Sonny and if you ever met him you would know why. He was always charming, especially with the ladies, and he had a great positive vibe about him that was never dampened by the many medical issues he dealt with over the last decade or so.  We had a great relationship, and he helped fill a “Dad” hole left by my own father’s passing over 20 years ago. I never tired of his stories about his past even though I probably heard the same ones a few times over.  And I was always happy to drive him to hospitals and doctors appointments, as I was sure to get a few more pearls out of him.  So, Sonny, we will keep your spot on the couch reserved for you during Patriots games, but I know your soul is running “north” to join your beloved Norma. 
Brad out. 

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