The Jew News Review – Maskless Week 9 – Tummy Time

Shabbat shalom! I hope all you JNR peeps are having a great weekend! Shout out to my Mom, who arrived from Virginia for a visit, and had some great company for the long schlep in the Subaru. Thank you Marcia!
Today is about tummy time. And I don’t mean the ever expanding waistline kind of tummy (especially mine), due to any over-indulgence in those expensive chicken wings I mentioned last week.  No, I am talking about the tummy time of my incredibly talented grandson, Max, who will be winning gold this year at the tummy time Olympics. I know, this is a shameless show off which I promised I would try and avoid, but think of this as my Mulligan for this half of the year. Couldn’t resist. And also couldn’t resist sharing this photo of Max with his great grandmother, Carol. 

Max and Great Grandma Carol

Max is especially interested in this week’s JNR, and has been all squirmy in anticipation thereof. I am sure all of you are just as squirmy, so let’s get on with the show, courtesy of The  Forward:

  1. Team Israel an Olympic ticket for American Jews – We have highlighted a few of these stories in past issues of the JNR, The Israeli Baseball team, the weird and colorful Equestrian rider, and of course, myself and Michael Stone’s never-executed plan to sign up for the non-existent Israeli ski team. (I am still game Michael, as long as they have a “one run and done” event) All of these stories share a common thread, which is the focus of this piece, the need to become an Israeli citizen and the new connections that result from the experience. Good thing Israel’s Law of Return offers Jewish athletes and expedited path to dual citizenship!
  2. A New York Hasid and Ohio Christian farmer team up to feed the needy – If ever there were strange bed-fellows, this would be the iconic picture. They have done great things together since meeting at a culinary conference seven years ago: A kosher recipe book, fund raising for a Brooklyn soup kitchen and the Surfside families. 
  3. “There is no Kohen” for the Surfside Minyan – More and more sad stories emerging from this disaster, that has devastated this heavily Jewish Florida community.  This is another of those sad stories about a few of the families from this minyan group that are among the missing and presumed dead.
  4. The search for vaccines in Latin America leads to another diaspora – Desperate to get vaccinated and unable to do so in their home countries, many Latin and Central American Jews, and non-Jews, are finding create ways to game the system, jump the line, or do whatever necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  5. University of Chicago Jewish student killed by stray bullet – I hate these stories. God awful. Poor kid is on a train doing his normal commute and a stray bullet enters through the window and hits him in the neck. Paralyzes him, puts him on a ventilator, and the courageous kid and his family decide to pull the plug and he dies hours later. A beautiful kid’s life cut short and a family is devastated. Sucks.
  6. Israeli banks turn you down for a loan? More and more are turning toward a non-profit finance group, the Ogen Group. Why is this relevant here in the good ole US of A? Beats me. But good for the Israelis.
  7. The tricky path to Torah ownership – I have been particularly keen on getting my own Torah for the JNR office, so this one caught my eye. But really it’s about a congregation in Nigeria who can’t afford to buy their own Torah. Apparently a new Torah these days costs upward of 30-60k$! that got me thinking, is there a secondary market for Torah’s in good shape? So I checked eBay and found a mini on sale for $19!! And of course Amazon had them with free delivery! (Prime members only)

That’s all for this week, and hey, it’s still a mad and crazy world, so let’s be careful out there!
Brad out. 

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