The Jew News Review – September 24, 2022 – “Shofar, so good”

Shabbat shalom everyone! And a happy new year to you all! l’shana tova tikateyvu!!!

It’s a very busy weekend here leading up to Rosh, so I am taking a holiday break and preparing to consume massive amounts of Ruth’s brisket, as once again, Daniel and Ruth host an amazing new year celebration.

Jewish law requires that the shofar be blown 30 times on each day of Rosh Hashanah, and by custom it is blown 100 or 101 times on each day. That would be a tall order for any shofar aficionado, hence, if you were able to view the video above, we have reached out to our animal friends for a little help.

Another tradition of Rosh is to perform “Tashlich”, literally “casting away” the sins of the year by throwing small pieces of bread into a nearby body of water. Hence, to be properly prepared, I have purchased several large loaves of challah for my personal use.

Whatever your form of celebration, Sandy and I wish you all a healthy, happy, and fun new year! Good yontif!

And remember, be safe out there.

Brad out.

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