The Jew News Review – October 9, 2022 – Hackers and Lox Stars

Shabbat shalom everyone! 

Short entry today as I am off to visit family and running late. 

A story about lox in The Forward caught my eye this morning. Apparently a hacker decided to post an old story “The Raw Truth About Lox” on the Hacker News website, and low and behold, The Forward website saw an uptick in clicks in the tens of thousands! Not sure why there would be such an interest from the techie nerds of the world in this glorious salty fish, but whatever. My nephew Jared is convinced the Jews of the world have some kind of genetic pre-disposition toward salty fish, and based on my own personal observations, I think he may be right. Anyway, I have posted a link to the story here, and have also posted The Forward’s weekend reads, which of course is not a great replacement for my own curated news, but it will have to do.

“This is the strange truth of the modern American brunch: On any given Sunday morning, the majority of people who purchase “lox” to accompany their bagels and cream cheese are not, in fact, getting lox. They may ask for lox, the product may even be labeled as lox and they very well think they are enjoying lox, but what they are getting, instead, is smoked salmon.”

For link to the whole story, “Raw Truth About Lox” click here.

For link to The Forward Weekend reads, click here.

Have a great weekend everyone! And remember, stay vigilant and be safe out there. 

Brad out.

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