The Jew News Review – January 14, 2023 – Early edition

Shabbat shalom!

It is with mixed emotions that Sandy and I make the long plane ride back to Boston today after spending a month in the warm desert air of Palm Springs. Sad that we are leaving this west coast Shangri-la and the wonderful memories made here, but happy to be returning to family and friends back home. FaceTime with Max was ok, but clearly not as good as the real thing.

Due to this being a travel day, I will not have time for my usual post and hence, will make this brief. Instead of my usual blathering and careful curation of the news, I thought I would leave you with a few interesting links. The first is this week’s Unholy: Two Jews on the News podcast which had a really riveting interview with Thomas Friedman I know you will find interesting and insightful. Friedman, Pulitzer prize winning author and NYT columnist, has been covering the mideast for 40 years. Whether you agree with Friedman’s analysis or not, you cannot deny he cares deeply about Israel and the Jewish faith. And as Yonit says, our greatest challenge is not about the growing criticism of Israel, but that future generations will not care at all about Israel.

The second link is the latest post from Andrew Sullivan’s Weekly Dishcast on Substack. I always find his writing both sharp, witty and refreshing. This week he talks about why the right is losing the younger generations, and makes some salient points in the process. Good stuff, and worth the read.

Have a great week everyone! And hey, let’s be careful out there.

Brad out.

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