March 6, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom from LAX!

Sadly, we are returning to Sharon after a totally wonderful month in Shangra-la. Not many masks here today, but the Purell stations are busy. And Corona continues to dominate the news, even Jew News:
– Don’t be kissing any Torahs or tearing any Chalahs, at least not in Temple. What you do in your own home is your business! Read about Corona’s impact on Jewish religious services

– Anti-semitic bullying: happening at a school or neighborhood near you. Read these heartfelt and hurtful confessions from victims of bullying.

– Biden “The Mensch” sees a surge in Jewish support. A few great anecdotes say a lot about how he relates to Jews and why they support him

.- Does Warren’s departure leave Sanders as the sole candidate for hope and change?

– Strike three for Israeli elections? Prospect of 2 state solution dimming? What next?

– On Culture:National Museum of Jewish American History goes belly up!

– On Culture: Jews built Montana? Who knew about Montana Jews? Now you will!

– Can you save the environment while celebrating Purim? Frankly, i wouldn’t bother trying, but read all about it here!

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