January 31, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom! Your weekly summary of Jew News

Hello everyone! Shameful stuff going on in our Senate this week as Republicans continue their Faustian support of the worlds most deplorable human. And while impeachment may be dominating secular news, Jew news this week is mindful of the liberation from the camps as well as the latest Israeli peace plan. To wit:
– Poignant story of the burial of a holocaust survivor on the eve of liberation day, and some interesting burial rituals (Hevra Kadisha) among a more orthodox sect where men and women of the group help prepare the body for the ritual burial

.- Trumps Mideast peace plan: three perspectives. Should we give peace a chance?

– Teaching about sex on instagram:  an interview with an orthodox “intimacy coach”

– On Culture: Remembering Jason Polan. Who you may ask? An artist who tried to sketch every person in New York City, with a studio in Taco Bell Union Square

Shabbat Shalom everyone! https://assets.forward.com/pdfs/01.31.20.pdf

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