February 8, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom! Your weekly summary of Jew News

Shabbat Shalom fellow friends and hebrews!
Oy, the state of our beloved union is not so good.  This stinking pile of poop has been, and will continue to be, a wretched awful and contemptible human being with no interest in unifying the country. I fear it is hopeless, and alas, our once proud beacon of a country has entered a deeply dark period where the truth and facts don’t matter, the ends always justify the means, bullying is acceptable behavior, constitutional balance of power is a joke, racist blowhards receive medals of honor, and one party has made a Faustian bargain that could lead us into the proverbial shitter. Oh woe is us.
But Jew news will continue unabated. Here is a quick summary of the stuff we jews (and some gentiles) are reading about:
– A Jewish bachelor in LA finds his perfect mate by hosting Shabbat dinners

– Harry Potter translated into Yiddish! Oy! Example: Emeric the Evil as Emrikh der Umerlekher (literally: “Emeric the dishonest”)

– Beware of the “Rabbi gift scam” 

– Remembering Kirk Douglas: Yes, he was Jewish!

– Opinion: Bernie aint the Jewish Savior (I like Mike!)

– Opinion: Can we trust the media reporting about Jewish news and affairs?

– On Culture: The origins of anti-semitic publishing (and it’s not Mein Kampf or Henry Ford!)

California here we come!


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