July 4, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom! – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 17

Shabbat shalom one and all!
And so begins another month of pandemic patience. Indeed, we must all maintain our vigil around masking and social distancing less we turn into Texas, and no-one would ever wish that upon anyone.
Oh, and happy July 4th everyone! This year we are gathering extended family for festivities, due to questionable weather, in our garage! Takes more than a few uncooperative rain clouds to stop this party family from enjoying a little patriotic merriment! Not sure how fireworks will work in the garage, but the “make your own Uncle Sam hat and archery activities were a big hit!


And now, for the news you have been waiting for, courtesy of The Forward:
– A tribute to Milton Glaser, renowned graphic designer who died recently – Yah, i never heard of him either, but think I ❤️ NY bumper stickers, and more memorable, the 1966 Bob Dylan psychedelic poster, which use to hang in my room

– High Holidays in a pandemic: what to do? How about “Car” Nidre, or a Shofar flash mob, or Rosh in a Box? Read up on more interesting ways to deal and celebrate

– Are you feeling hysterical about the potential Annexation in Israel? More of an American infliction than Isreali, this piece might provide some therapy

– Defending Annexation: an opinion about opinions

– On life: Glamming up for a trip to the gas station? Make sure you wear your fuel pumps and embrace your inner runway! And an interesting question on circumcision: to snip or not to snip?

– Let’s get political: Are the Zionists actions get equal and opposite reactions, or is the backlash getting stronger? Is the ZOA as strong as they claim?

– A tribute to the great Carl Reiner from his long time secretary, writer and friend – He was a mensch.

– A piece about July 4th, and why the author celebrates

– And finally, a former support of  Ilhan Omar defects in order to run against her – Claims she is a “divider”

That’s all for now. And hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets.forward.com/pdfs/ShabbatNL-070320.pdf

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