June 27, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom! – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 16

Four months of quarantine. Dayenu!
Upon reflection, here is what I have learned so far, 4 months into this mess:
– Power washing is an excellent hobby- Gardening is great therapy – Cooking is like life: preparation makes for a much better experience- Our family remains healthy and strong, but our country is sick and divided- It is always wine o’clock somewhere, so l’chayim!


Now, on with the Jew News Headlines for the week:
– Tamar Manasseh: A black Jew’s brave journey – Lesson learned: More Moms, less police

– Should St Louis change it’s name? Geesh, what next?

– The idolatry of smashing idols – An interesting perspective on the issue

– Racism in the Jewish Community? A black gay jew speaks out

– Oh no, another break baking in isolation story, with a few challah recipes – No wonder we can’t find any bread flour! And what happened to all the graham crackers?

– The Gen Z trolling of Trump’s Tulsa rally: Restoring my faith in the Harry Potter/Katniss Everdeen generation! Keep it up Gen Z’ers with more acts of Tikkun Olam!

– Another piece on Black/Jewish racism directed at mixed race Jews

– Israel and annexation – Could result in tremendous fallout and loss of support from American Jews

All for now. And hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out. https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets.forward.com/pdfs/ShabbatNL-062620.pdf

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