March 28, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom! Another virtual update from your weekly purveyor of Jew News

Stay healthy everyone, and heed the advice on social distancing and good hygiene. Let’s flatten that curve!  Now, onto the news:

– Holocaust survivors use grit and humor to deal with this new affliction (on toilet paper: “Oh, no, do i have to go back using newspaper? On social distancing: ‘God saved me once, he’ll save me again, but maybe I can give him a little help this time’.” 

– Israeli EMS leader intubated from Covid 19 in Miami, only 46 years old

– Dear Abbys column returns to dish out more advice on Covid-19. one sample: “Yes, you should keep paying the cleaning lady.”

– The Haggadah in the times of Covid 19: you can bet i will be reading this one carefully

– Opinion: A journalist/professors angry vent on the orange turd we call President

– Hasidic virus hot spots in new york

– On Culture: well known curator of the art world, Maurice Berger, succumbs to Covid 19

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