March 21, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom! Please Doven in place

Yes peeps, Jew News continues unabated and undaunted. Virus shmirus! But please, take this seriously and don’t take any unnecessary risks. 
Top items for the week:
– Doven in place! You thought i was kidding you? He that shall remain nameless is everywhere you let him in, so read all about the virtues of virtual dovening! And heed some of these great tips! (eg, dress the part , no pajamas!)

– Bar Mitzvah planned? You might need to cancel the party, but the spirit of the show must go on! 

– Dating during a pandemic: don’t kiss but do tell!

– Are millennials now the adults in the room trying to convince the older boomers to take the virus seriously? OK Millennials! About time you did something useful!

 – Diary of a day school mom: “my kid doesn’t think she needs pants”? Has she talked to my son who keeps losing his?

– A man on the street interview from 1918 during the Influenza epidemic. Interesting!

– On culture: The Plot Against America: Truer than you probably think.

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