May 8, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom – The Jew News Review – Mother’s Day Edition – Quarantine Week 9

To all our mothers out there, a special shabbat shalom! I love you mom!
And to the rest of you, a gutn, vi azoy zent ir! (check your yiddish dictionary, which I know you keep nearby)
Quarantine tip of the week: Stoli Doli’s. A simple infused vodka drink, easy to make. Buy a fresh pineapple, cut it up into chunks, dump into a large container, add a fifth of your favorite vodka, put a lid on it, then let sit for 12 days, minimum. On the twelfth day, serve with abandon. Shake with ice, then pour into a martini glass. Bliss. Drink responsibly, but if you want to supersize it, go with 2 pineapples and use a handle of your favorite vodka.
Now, onto the week’s headlines:
Recalling a mother’s love: 16 stories from Forward readers. Now what could be more satisfying than reading about Jewish mothers? And, given our quarantine, avoiding the battle of brunch reservations at the same time!

How do you tell your special needs child there is no summer camp this year? There are over 165 Jewish summer camps in the US and over 100 of those offer programs for special needs kids.

– Remembering Freddie Pressman – Do you know a Freddie in your life or community?

– The post-pandemic Synagogue: will this transform Jewish ritual life? Should it? With 32% of Jewish millennials describing themselves as having no religion or only affiliated by ancestry, the future was already pretty bleak. This poses some interesting questions for post-pandemic Jewish life.

– Love and marriage in the time of Corona Virus: A Zoom wedding at Holmby Park, LA kicks off an article about creative ways to channel traditions in non-traditional settings

The heart-ache and profound humanity of being a Rabbi during this pandemic: a Rabbis story of dealing with exponential deaths – Starts with a wonderful anecdote from a Jimmy Breslin column about the last person to serve John Kennedy. Pretty gripping stuff.

– Hype Posts: The latest dating craze in the AC period (After Corona) – All i can say is, thank god i am not dating anymore. But if anyone needs a wingman, I am available for a small fee.

On Culture: Another story from the Lox Bar – This time it’s Yitzchak Perlman, not Woody Allen’s mother

That’s it! Enjoy!
And Hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out

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