May 1, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 8

Hello Heebs! Comment allez-Jew?
Quarantine tip of the week: Tree and plant nurseries are open! So, grab your masks and buy a few shrubberies, and get outdoors and do some planting! Good time to start that cannabis garden you have been thinking about for years.
And, coming to you as usual, your weekly inoculation of News for Jews:
– Jewish Summer camps cancelled: oh no, what do we do with these kids now? And how about those out of work counselors and withering camp finances? Read all about it

.- How to look good on Zoom (hint: dont go to the bathroom in the middle of a meeting) That gem, and 9 others to surely make you look good on camera. Believe me, you need it

.- deBlasio, NYPD and that Orthodox funeral. Oy, what a mess.

– On Culture: Unorthodox a “dangerous, misleading fairy tale of transitioning from the secular world”? The criticisms continue to pile up, but at least it’s getting talked about.

– On Culture: Is Doron from Fauda sexy and hot? Inquiring minds want to know, but as for me, i think he’s a bit of a shlub.

– The great debate: Should American Jews celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut? (Isreali independence) Honestly, Jews could debate just about anything.

And hey, let’s be safe out there.
Brad out

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