October 17, 2020 – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 32 – Anniversary Issue!

Shabbat Shalom fellow Hebrews and friends!
I am thrilled to announce that the JNR turned 1 year old this week! In celebration, the staff have worked diligently to launch a new branding campaign, which will surely clog the social media-spheres this week! We are excited to unveil to our loyal subscribers, the following new logo! T-Shirts and other swag available upon request.


In the “you can’t make this shit up” category this week, Trump’s Clown Hall on NBC was a bit of a shit show as expected, but I was actually presently surprised at how articulate Uncle Joe came across and how well he provided real policy (almost wonky) solutions. Of course one of the orange turd’s brilliant advisors claimed it was like “watching Mr. Rogers”, like that’s a real alpha dig or something. The reference to Mr. Rogers reminded me we have a sad anniversary approaching on October 27, the day of the Squirrel Hill shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue just 2 years ago. Fred Rogers lived in the neighborhood. 
Now, on a more upbeat note, the news you have all been clamoring for:
– Interview with Lee Weiner, Last surviving member of the Chicago 7 and writer behind new Netflix film “Trial of the Chicago 7”, just released! – Break out your Abbey Hoffman t-shirts, dust off your dogeared Gerry Rubin “Steal this Book”, and read all about this 81 year old former radical leader.

– Gal Gadot’s favorite prayer – Modeh ani for this wonder woman! She could be my new free pass!

– Miss the good ole days of singing and dancing with the Torah? A few Covid tips for celebrating Simcha Torah during the pandemic

– Lessons learned from the pandemic high holidays – Some practical do’s and don’ts, but let’s hope we don’t have to deal with this next year

– Tired of cooking these days? Here is a great noodle recipe, easy peasy!

– On Culture: Ira Glasser –  dauntless defender of free speech, still at 43 years after Skokie

 Opinion: Haredi should fight Covid, not each other – Amen to that!

– Not such a beautiful day in Mr Netanyahu’s neighborhood  – Balfour street protests growing

All for now, and hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out. https://assets.forward.com/pdfs/101620.pdf

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