September 13, 2020 – Happy Sunday! The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 27 – Yo! Semites!

Shalom tribe!
I know, based on the flood of emails I received,  I am late this week with the latest installment. Please forgive me, but each time I started I got distracted. One such distraction was the second Zoom funeral we attended during this pandemic for a good friend of the family. So sad, but a sweet and tender send off. Made me think about the impact that Zoom is having on our culture, and with so much negative news about tech companies these days, it was good to be reminded how technology can also provide some good in the world. I am also reminded that 9/11 fell on Shabbat this year, and as usual, we think fondly and warmly about our cousin Robin who was lost on that tragic day. Our continued sympathies to Fran, Eddie, and Mark.
Before i get to the news, I wanted to share this bit of musical comedy that Alan Tenenhouse shared with me this week.  Hopefully it will make you smile and cringe at the same time.

Now, on with the show this is it….(think looney tunes music in your head) 
Covid spiking big time  in Israel has a silver lining: Jewish and Arab doctors united and working together to treat and contain the spread and motivating other institutions as well – Wow. I know from an interview I had last week with an Israeli company that the Knesset is voting today on a dramatic shutdown of the whole country for 14 days! 

Haredi herd immunity? This Jewish sect in New York is conducting indoor weddings, no masks, no social distancing – I thought Jews were suppose to be smart?

– A Persian Jew in LA looking to make a difference – Friend of the Shah?

– Jew be nimble, Jew be quick, should this Jew throw out her Shabbat candlesticks? I would if i were her. What do you think?

– Kamala’s cooking: she can talk and baste turkey while formulating policy – Do women relate to her dancing between poultry and policy?

– Does God love us? Oy, not sure i can handle anything as deep as that on a football Sunday.

– Keeping the Holocaust real: Students interview survivors – Reminds me of the project my nephew Nathan did a few years back when he interviewed and wrote about a survivor. Keep it up kids!

Jewish art in Scotland pubs? The impact of Covid on this cultural institution – This is one i need to read more about!

Th-th-th-that’s all folks! And hey, let’s be careful out there.
Brad out.

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