January 8, 2021 – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 44 – A nation under siege and an ugly metaphor

Shabbat shalom my fellow JNRers. Today, I am not in a very good mood. 

On November 4, a majority of the country decided the orange turd should be flushed, and in a pandemic-riddled demonstration of our democracy, we pulled the chain. But unfortunately for our great country, (but fortunately for all of you) the metaphor ends there. If only it were as easy as flushing the turd away. No my friends, a more appropriate metaphor would be the lancing of a boil. For while there is some immediate relief upon said lancing, there is the ugly, oozing mess that follows, and the risk of infection. Last Thursday was an ugly, oozing mess. Like probably most of you, I watched the mess unfold live on gut-wrenching television. It was appalling, and scary, and I couldn’t help but think of the similar feelings I had watching the 9/11 tragedy unfold. And the nonsense continues, and the country now has to deal with the infection otherwise know as Trumpism, that will continue to haunt and divide the nation for years to come. I hope and pray for Joe Biden to be the antibiotic the country needs to finally heal the now lanced boil and national infection called Donald J. Trump. And please, please, Pence and Republicans, if you have any moral backbone left, flush the orange turd immediately.

Another scary element of Thursday’s oozing mess that was widely noticeable, was the many images of anti-semitic shirts, hoodies and signage brandished quite boldly by the dumb-ass hooligans ransacking our Capital. And the pre-insurrection rally even featured a newly elected US congresswoman, Rep. Mary Miller R-Illinoise, quoting Hitler in some kind of weirdly positive way.  Not surprising that during the last 4 years the incidents of hate and anti-semitism rose to record levels and these gray-matter lacking morons showed the clear connective tissue between that rise and the elevation of the orange turd and his hate mongering.  I don’t even want to repeat or display any of the anti-semitic garbage from that god-awful day. Scary shit.

So, enough venting. Of course this week’s JNR from our friends at The Forward is dominated by essays, opinions and articles on the insurrection attempt. So, here you are folks. Not exactly enjoyable, but some good reading:

  1. A dark day for Democracy – Indeed. Jodi, The Forward editor, does her own bit of venting and provides some interesting perspectives.
  2. Ossof’s better half – Nice story about the achievements of the high school sweetheart our new savior and Senator married. Such a nice Jewish couple!
  3. The film “Hester Street” a model of modern Jewish womanhood? Some good yiddish scenes, and an interesting film from the late filmmaker Joan Micklin Silver. 
  4. A guide to the hate groups that stormed the capital – Not easy reading, but always good to know your enemy.
  5. A Trump voter’s guilt trip – Sorry, I don’t have any patience for anyone from Trumpland anymore. Anyone who thinks “they didn’t sign up for this” but supported him, clearly were wearing blinders, or fell for the con artist’s sham. 
  6. Capital Coup the work of one man – Yes, completely agree. It was always going to end this way. I always felt Thursday was inevitable given the trajectory of hate and divisiveness he started and fostered for so many years.
  7. Isaac Bashevis Singer – Interesting story about the first Yiddish writer to receive the nobel prize in literature (1978) and now a museum in his honor has been established in the former Jewish section of Warsaw Poland.

That’s all folks. So, let’s all be extra careful out there. 
Brad out. 


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