The Jew News Review – January 16, 2021 – Quarantine Week 45 – One Nation

Shabbat shalom friends and fellow Hebrews! 
Another crazy and disturbing week in our nation’s history. It gave me pause to reflect upon the good old days, and a memory of the daily ritual I happily and naively performed at the John F Kennedy Elementary school in Holbrook, MA: The reciting of The Pledge of Allegiance. Most of us here are old enough to remember “I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands, one Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Now, forgetting all the controversy around the changes made to Francis Bellamy’s original 1892 version, what I fondly remember was how proud I was to perform that patriotic ritual at the start of every school day. Now look where we are. How the F did we get here! Books will be written about how events, mega trends, social media, racism and other factors contributed to the rise of the Orange Turd, that he is just a symptom of a much deeper, systemic root cause or causes. As for me, even though I have voted for many of them in the past, I blame the Republicans (the party of Lincoln!).  I know that sounds simplistic, but hey, in my lifetime there is a clear pattern in this country – A Republican administration takes over, creates a shit show, then we vote in a Democrat to clean up the mess. The Dems are the party that follows the elephant around the circus with a bucket! Now we have Joe Biden, chief of the bucket brigade, older than dirt, but seemingly up to the task. Let’s pray we get through this week without any more violence and Joe and crew can bring back One Nation, with liberty and justice for all. 

Fortunately for Joe, he will have a lot of help from the many Jews he has appointed in the cabinet and as his advisors. Our loyal reader, Jeff Davis, shared the following, once more demonstrating how Jews disproportionately continue to contribute to, and significantly impact the country and culture:
TRUMP lost the presidency and by doing so, he has (thank G-d) allowed A Jewish Senate Majority Leader (Schumer) to replace Moscow Mitch,A Jewish White House Chief of Staff (Klain),A Jewish Attorney General (Garland),A Jewish Secretary of State (Blinken) & Deputy Secretary of State (Sherman),A Jewish Director of Homeland Security (Mayorkas),A Jewish Federal Reserve Chairwoman (Yellen),A Jewish Covid Coordinator (Zients),A Jewish CDC Director (Walensky),A Jewish Member of Council of Economic Advisors (Bernstein),and don’t forget a Vice President (whose husband & kids are Jewish). Joe Biden (whose nickname is the “mensch”) is appointing this Jewish “minyan”, which includes the top-tier, most important and influential government positions! By now, you likely know all about Kamala Harris’s husband, Jewish dad and future Second Gentleman (Second Dude?) Doug “Dougie” Emhoff. Not only is he the spouse of the first-ever woman to serve as Vice President of the United States, he’s also the first Jewish person to fill this role. Such naches!   But as an ardent observer of all things political, I would be remiss to overlook President-elect Joe Biden’s Jewish relatives — of which there are many. In fact, all three of his kids married into Jewish families — which means Biden is the grandfather of some pretty adorable Jewish kids.  

Now, what about the news of the Jews this week? Well, as you can imagine, stuff about the orange turd and insurrection, a pandemic killing thousands daily, a take down of Fran Lebowitz’ new Netflix series, an obit/story about the recently deceased Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, and a rather fun piece on Elvis Presely, the Jew! And hey, stay tuned for some exciting previews of JNR’s website which will officially launch at half-time of this year’s Super Bowl! Here you go folks! Enjoy! 

  1. Portraits of a Pandemic – Photographer Alon Goldsmith tries to capture the boredom of how locals in greater Los Angeles are handling sheltering in place. Boring indeed. 
  2. One portrait of Sheldon Adelson – His politics aside, Sheldon was a great Jewish American Horatio Alger. From humble beginnings in Dorchester and Blue Hill Ave, he became a force in Jewish and Israeli circles and a hugely successful business man and Casino magnate.
  3. Republican Jews want a reckoning – And may not donate until they get one and the Orange Turd disappears.   I suggest they completely rebrand and start a new party and I would be happy to donate.
  4. “Pretend it’s a City” – Pretend you like Fran Lebowitz, but you may not like this review of her new Netflix series. This one is for serious New Yorkers who like to listen to Jews whining and complaining about the City that never sleeps. I will probably sleep through this one.
  5. What does “Impeachment” mean in Hebrew? Much more than you think. An interesting read, you will discover the biblical origins of “Fake News”!
  6. The Jewish Elvis? I love this story, and I know I joke about finding the Jewish angle on everything, but this time it’s not such a wide angle!
  7. Jon Ossof giving patrilineal Jews a good name – Like Ossof, the author is a patrilineal Jew who was called a “mutt” by his friends. Interesting angle on growing up Jewish in Georgia.

That’s all for now. And hey, let’s be extra, extra careful out there. This new strand of Covid is spreading like wildfire.
Brad out.

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