The Jew News Review – December 25, 2021 – Traditions, Traditions!

Shabbat shalom everyone! Happy birthday to the world’s greatest mumsy, and happy holidays to one and all. 

This morning, in the rare stillness of our Vermont condo, I watched live coverage of the James Webb telescope launch into deep space. Pretty amazing human achievement! This Hubble upgrade will enable scientists to see and hear things we have never seen or heard before….to actually explore the origins of the universe! What a wondrous way to cap off one of the strangest years in my lifetime. Equally wonderful has been spending this last week with my family, including many nieces and nephews. If you ever want to restore your faith in the future, I suggest you rent out these kids for a week! Unfortunately, Max and his parents could not make the trip this year, and they were truly missed. For the last 20 plus years, this week or two skiing in God’s country has been an important and extremely fun tradition in the Hirsh Goverman and extended family, and this year was no exception. Puzzles, Ben and Jerry’s, snowflakes, hot cocoa bombs, extreme Lego, Hearts (Remi, you are a loser face), movies, bourbon, and of course skiing and trekking in the snowy mountains. One addition to the tradition this year was adding Fiddler on the Roof to the list of holiday watching, a list that also includes Love Actually and Die Hard. I know, sounds like a living cliche, a bunch of Jews sitting around watching Fiddler, but what a great movie! Hard to believe Norman Jewison was not a Jew! And a theme that could not be more relevant to the sorry state of our nation! But, no negativity this week, so let’s leave that topic for another week. And I will close out this week with a less than traditional photo that left me a bit speechless. I have no explanation as to what this Irish cement mixer/truck was doing in the ski lodge parking lot. Let’s just call it a holiday miracle. 

Remi standing in front of the Mystery Truck

One other important Jewish tradition for this holiday I will leave you with is the incredible connection between Jews and Chinese food on Christmas. You can read all about the history of that important cultural connection by clicking here.

And that’s all I have for the holiday week. Assuming I will not be suffering too much from a hangover after the new year holiday, I will be back with a year in review edition next week. 

And hey, this omicron is some serious shit, so let’s be careful out there!

Brad out.

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