The Jew News Review – January 1, 2022 – Happy New Year!

Shabbat shalom on this new year’s day to one and all! My partying may have peaked a bit early yesterday, but I was able to make it through the ball drop at midnight along with the rest of our family and friendly revellers. Otherwise, it was an early night for me and now a difficult morning dealing with the alcohol-related aftermath. 

So, I will be taking the day off for a little R&R and recovery and save whatever brain cells remain for my football picks in this week’s pool. But, before I head to the couch, here is one story regarding the Jewish history of the Times Square ball drop I thought you might enjoy. Turns out it was an immigrant Jewish iron worker, Jacob Starr, who designed the very first New Year’s Eve ball in 1907 (and personally lowered it himself). Three generations later, his granddaughter Tama Starr tells the story you can watch with this link Click here for more on the Jewish history of the Times Square Ball drop.

I wish you all a healthy and fantastic new year! And hey, let’s start it right and be careful out there.

Brad out. 


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