August 1, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom! The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 21

This week 3 former Presidents eulogized John Lewis, who fought and bled for a better democracy and voting rights,  while the current Orange Turd who pretends to be a president took yet another step in attempting to invalidate our elections where (i pray) he will lose in a democratic tsunami. I apologize in advance, as i deliberately avoid politics in this news review, but indulge me this once and watch the attached Twitter video which sadly (and, warning, with some vulgar language) summarizes what a complete pile of idiotic hypocrisy we are enduring. It’s a little over the top, and drips with sarcasm, but entertaining and somewhat informative.  Please do whatever you can to get all your relationships to vote either by mail or by whatever method they are most comfortable by this November 3rd. No joke, I think this could be the most important vote since the civil war.
Now, for what has surely been on your minds this whole week, here is the Jew News of the week, courtesy of The Forward:
 Hyperbolic comparisons of LA protests to Kristalnacht are gross and stupid – Silly Rabbi

– AOC envy? Where is the equivalent Jewish voice for woman? Could be that most of the Jewish organizations are heavily dominated by men….duh

– Speaking spanish at the Lox shop? Short and cute, i guess

– The Muppet Show a collaboration of a Christian Scientist from Mississippi and a Jew from California? Read about it here!

– Trump’s jackboot thugs rounding up the innocent without due process – No surprise there….two stories that should make you worried

– A challenge to traditional Jewish upbringing and Zionism from……Seth Rogan? Yes, the Canadian Jewish actor has been promoting his new movie and not shying away from controversy

– Opinion: And a strong one at that….An Israeli Jew casts doubts about US jews knowledge of the middle east

– And another view: Don’t throw the baby Zionism out with the bathwater

– On Culture: Frog and Toad turn 50: Arnold Nobel’s famous book has a lesson on empathy (hmmmm someone forgot to read this story)

All for now, and hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out.

July 25, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom! The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 20 – Baseball is back!

There may be no joy in Mudville, but there is certainly more joy around the good ole US of A now that America’s favorite pastime is back in half-swing. Our good ole Red Sox may have the worst pitching rotation in the league, but as my brother would say, “anything can happen in a 60 game season”. So, root root root for the Red Sox, if they don’t win,  it’s probably the pitching….


Now, for what you have all been waiting for, The Jew News review for the week, courtesy of The Forward. And don’t forget, Tom Friedman is on the JUDJ call this wednesday evening (see link below). Will be interesting to see if he is still pushing for Biden to insist that before he agree to debate, the Orange Turd release his taxes and there be real time fact checking. Most have dismissed as a silly gimmick.
Now for the news:
– How institutional racism paved the way for gentrification and a Jewish resurgence  in several LA neighborhoods – Like Jews moving back into Dorchester or Mattapan, a full circle of neighborhood disruption due to racism.

– China getting away with genocide – We’ve seen this horror story before

– Do Jewish Day schools have a segregated past? Will they renew their own historical teachings?

– History hidden in an armchair – Fascinating tale of how ordinary Germans enabled the Nazi regime

– Dear Bintel: Is it ok to party at my dead Bubbie’s house? I don’t make this stuff up

All for now, and hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out.

July 19, 2020 – Rishon Shalom! – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 19

Happy Sunday (Rishon)!  I know, based on the tons of email queries i received, that you have all been missing this week’s Jew News Review. So, cast away any doubts you had, and say hello to this week’s edition. 
We start this week with a sad note, and a fond farewell to John Lewis, a true patriot and titan of the civil rights movement, and our last living connection to the march on Selma. His shoes will be difficult to fill, but while not one person may be able to do so, the multitudes of those he inspired during his journey here on earth, to paraphrase MLK, will surely help bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice. In his own words, from a recent twitter:
“Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year, it is the struggle of a lifetime. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.”Now for the news, courtesy of The Forward:
– Jews with guns, trained to protect temple worshippers – Sad statement on our times, and not something i would support in my temple. 

– Did Bari Weiss get “Cancelled” at the New York Times?! Say it aint so… moniker for NYT “all the Jews that don’t fit, should quit”.

– 3 Jews in Woodstock: Bob Dylan, Philip Roth and Phil Guston – interesting bit of insights on how the era and the venue impacted these 3 exceptional artists

– Schools out, but when is it back in? What’s the plan Stan? – Why is a plan taking so long?

– The horrible killing of Ari Gershman in the Sierras – What madness.

– Who the hell is Amir Haskell? Read about it here!

– Will the high holidays come with a pay wall? What’s a pay wall you ask? Not telling. Read on.

– Senator Cory Booker speaks to The Forward, pushing his police reform bill – His message to Jews: unite with Blacks to help sustain the momentum for social justice

– Dear Bintel says: “Better late than never” – Good advice in general

Bye for now. Don’t forget, this wednesday evening’s session with Bill Kristof. See links in previous week’s email below if you need it. 
And hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out.

July 11, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom! – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 18

Shabbat Shalom, Hey! 
Thought I would change things up a bit and start off with a culture tip for those seeking some relief from any TV show hole you may be dealing with. These Zoom discussions and Q&A are sponsored by the Jews United for Democracy and Justice organization. I attended the most recent which was hosted by Bob Shrum and included Mike Murphy and Lynn Vavreck. What a great, fun and insightful hour! 
July 15 8pm EDT   George Will with Larry Mantle register here

July 22 8pm EDT  Bill Kristol with Pat Morrison register here

Juily 29 8pm EDT Tom Friedman with Warren Olney register here

August 5 8pm EDT James Carville with Warren Olney register here

August 12 8pm EDT Congresswoman Karen Bass with  register here

Laurie LevensonSeptember 23 8pm EDT Nicholas Kristof with Madeleine Brand register here
And now, what you have all been waiting so patiently for…. the Jew News of the week, courtesy of The Forward:
– Steve Wilson: A JCC summer camp youth theater director changed the life of this teenage girl – Nice way to honor a nice guy

– What’s in a label? Anti-semitism vs Jew Hating – Hate is hate in my opinion

– Ringo Starr’s secret Jewish history – Drumroll please….

– A student signs her yearbook with “88”, symbol for Heil Hitler – Should the school remove it?

– USC Track named for an anti-semite? Some interesting history on the 1936 olympics Jesse Owens Ralph Metcalfe gold medal relay event

– A young girl’s mistake wearing a swastika leads to some valuable lessons learned

– To deal with surging virus, Israel deploys high tech tracking tool

– Jewish Big Brother is watching you, and you may not like it

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!
And hey, let’s be careful out there.
Brad out.

July 4, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom! – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 17

Shabbat shalom one and all!
And so begins another month of pandemic patience. Indeed, we must all maintain our vigil around masking and social distancing less we turn into Texas, and no-one would ever wish that upon anyone.
Oh, and happy July 4th everyone! This year we are gathering extended family for festivities, due to questionable weather, in our garage! Takes more than a few uncooperative rain clouds to stop this party family from enjoying a little patriotic merriment! Not sure how fireworks will work in the garage, but the “make your own Uncle Sam hat and archery activities were a big hit!


And now, for the news you have been waiting for, courtesy of The Forward:
– A tribute to Milton Glaser, renowned graphic designer who died recently – Yah, i never heard of him either, but think I ❤️ NY bumper stickers, and more memorable, the 1966 Bob Dylan psychedelic poster, which use to hang in my room

– High Holidays in a pandemic: what to do? How about “Car” Nidre, or a Shofar flash mob, or Rosh in a Box? Read up on more interesting ways to deal and celebrate

– Are you feeling hysterical about the potential Annexation in Israel? More of an American infliction than Isreali, this piece might provide some therapy

– Defending Annexation: an opinion about opinions

– On life: Glamming up for a trip to the gas station? Make sure you wear your fuel pumps and embrace your inner runway! And an interesting question on circumcision: to snip or not to snip?

– Let’s get political: Are the Zionists actions get equal and opposite reactions, or is the backlash getting stronger? Is the ZOA as strong as they claim?

– A tribute to the great Carl Reiner from his long time secretary, writer and friend – He was a mensch.

– A piece about July 4th, and why the author celebrates

– And finally, a former support of  Ilhan Omar defects in order to run against her – Claims she is a “divider”

That’s all for now. And hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out

June 27, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom! – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 16

Four months of quarantine. Dayenu!
Upon reflection, here is what I have learned so far, 4 months into this mess:
– Power washing is an excellent hobby- Gardening is great therapy – Cooking is like life: preparation makes for a much better experience- Our family remains healthy and strong, but our country is sick and divided- It is always wine o’clock somewhere, so l’chayim!


Now, on with the Jew News Headlines for the week:
– Tamar Manasseh: A black Jew’s brave journey – Lesson learned: More Moms, less police

– Should St Louis change it’s name? Geesh, what next?

– The idolatry of smashing idols – An interesting perspective on the issue

– Racism in the Jewish Community? A black gay jew speaks out

– Oh no, another break baking in isolation story, with a few challah recipes – No wonder we can’t find any bread flour! And what happened to all the graham crackers?

– The Gen Z trolling of Trump’s Tulsa rally: Restoring my faith in the Harry Potter/Katniss Everdeen generation! Keep it up Gen Z’ers with more acts of Tikkun Olam!

– Another piece on Black/Jewish racism directed at mixed race Jews

– Israel and annexation – Could result in tremendous fallout and loss of support from American Jews

All for now. And hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out.

June 19, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom! – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 15

Shabbat Shalom, and Happy Jewnteenth everyone! 
Although General Granger’s proclamation delivered in Galveston Texas on June 19, 1865 is celebrated as the end of slavery, it wasn’t until the proclamation ratifying the 13th amendment in December of that year, that slavery was finally outlawed in several Union border states. Be that as it may, we should all celebrate this independence day just as all Americans celebrate the July 4th independence day. And I suggest, as tradition holds, drink a few strawberry sodas!
Now, on with the Jew News Headlines for the week:
– The impact of Covid on the art world – I confess to having skipped over this story, but i can imagine the art world is suffering immensely

– 9 Black Jews discuss their take on Juneteenth – short blurbs, but interesting

– On Culture: Painting Birkenau – a piece about the painter, Gerhard Richter

– The legacy and impact of James Bennet, the NYT editor that resigned last week – He did not shy away from provocative journalism

– Opinion: Are liberals in a moral panic about racism? More on NYT publishing of Tom Cotton’s OpEd

– A Black Jewish voice for hope – It’s not as simple as the Farrakhan Jews vs the Heschel Jews, whatever that means

– On Father’s Day – Some remembrances shared

– Roy Cohn: Bully, coward and Victim? Who cares, he was an asshole anyway.

– Opinion: Will LGBTQ acceptance in Israel help Palestinians? NOT!

Happy father’s day to all you dads out there!
All for now.
And hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out

June 14, 2020 – Shalom! – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 14

Shalom to all! 
My focus this last week shifted away from the dreary news of the day and onto a more peaceful and pleasant place….my backyard. For those into gardening, that’s nepeta in the foreground, followed by some jumbo iris, dianthus, beard’s tongue and some hydrangea bushes and a tree. Caught the sun filtering through trees in the background. 


And here are the Jewish headlines of the week, courtesy of the Forward:
– Blacks and Jews rebuilding their 1960’s alliance? I am old enough to remember when Jews and Blacks worked together on issues of social and economic justice. Then there was a split, then Obama, and now what? Interesting historical insight into that question…

– Yes, you can support both Black Lives Matter and Israel – The BLM 2016 platform contained anti-zionist language, but that language is now gone from their website. Read further if you are torn on this issue.

– The Shofar an instrument of protest? Tekiah!!!!!

– Could social media bankrupt this Palestinian Hummus maker? Would you fire your own daughter from your company? This daughter is for the beans.

– The Talmud’s take on Black Lives Matter – (wonky warning)

– Are you becoming a pandemic slob? Dear Abbys has some advice for you.

– On Culture: Why Jews love Charles Dickens. Ah, but then there’s the Fagin thing….

All for now.
And hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out

June 6, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 13 – Protests Week 2

Another week of protests, beatings, looting, and the rantings of a lunatic president. I think the penumbral eclipse passed some weird juju over the land.  Let’s hope we get some real police reform and a new level awoke-ness from this mess. 
And here is this week’s Jew headlines, of course dominated by the secular headlines:

– “Antifa”, short for anti-fascist, has a long Jewish history – Jews and Arabs united around something?

– On language: the derivation and jewish connection to the word Curfew – And did you know the word Ghetto originated in Venice Italy?

– Black Jews advice to White Jews: Change your relationship with the Police – Tough one considering our dependence on police protection to battle and prevent anti-semitism

– Digging deep for a new level of empathy: As we are commanded at Passover to imagine ourselves in the Exodus from Egypt, can we imagine ourselves or our children growing up black in this country? 

– Will the accidental shooting in Israel of a low-functioning autistic Palestinian boy lead to any change? we can hope…

– Should we keep comparing Trump to Hitler? why not… All for now. Stay safe.

And hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out

May 30, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 12

Shabat Shalom.
I usually like to start with something light hearted or humorous, but given the secular news this week, it’s hard to put myself in a humorous mood. The jewish prayer for healing is called Mi Shebeirach and is usually said in temple while the torah is open. People provide the rabbi with names of loved ones that are ill, and their name gets added to the list for the prayer. I would like to suggest our country be added to the list this week in the hopes we can begin healing and finding some silver linings in the gathering storm clouds.
Now, onto this weeks jew headlines, and one of them is particularly annoying:

– A Hasidic reporter tries to get fellow orthodox knuckleheads to abide by social distancing rules

–  A BUBKA with ham?!! Oy, it’s the end of the world as we know it.

– Zoom helps flatten the world, and Judaism too!

– Why Trump has his vote – read a brave assholes attempt to rationalize supporting the orange turd

– YIVO, the institute for Jewish research, thrives even during the pandemic

All for now. Let’s hope for a peaceful remainder of the weekend.
And hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out