June 6, 2020 – Shabbat Shalom – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 13 – Protests Week 2

Another week of protests, beatings, looting, and the rantings of a lunatic president. I think the penumbral eclipse passed some weird juju over the land.  Let’s hope we get some real police reform and a new level awoke-ness from this mess. 
And here is this week’s Jew headlines, of course dominated by the secular headlines:

– “Antifa”, short for anti-fascist, has a long Jewish history – Jews and Arabs united around something?

– On language: the derivation and jewish connection to the word Curfew – And did you know the word Ghetto originated in Venice Italy?

– Black Jews advice to White Jews: Change your relationship with the Police – Tough one considering our dependence on police protection to battle and prevent anti-semitism

– Digging deep for a new level of empathy: As we are commanded at Passover to imagine ourselves in the Exodus from Egypt, can we imagine ourselves or our children growing up black in this country? 

– Will the accidental shooting in Israel of a low-functioning autistic Palestinian boy lead to any change? we can hope…

– Should we keep comparing Trump to Hitler? why not… All for now. Stay safe.

And hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets.forward.com/pdfs/ShabbatNL-060520.pdf

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