October 31, 2020 – The Jew News Review – Quarantine Week 34 – Time to end the orange nightmare!

Shabbat shalom fellow Hebrews and friends alike. This is the last JNR edition before the country makes a historic decision and, hopefully, will result in a blue Tide washing over our land that will finally remove the orange stain from doing any further damage to the fabric of our democracy. Say a few Shemahs or whatever prayer works for you, but for God’s sake, vote!  And make sure all your kids, friends, acquaintances, passers-by, in-laws, and pets vote for Biden/Harris. I truly believe our lives depend on it!  I am feeling positive, no kenahura, that we will be celebrating in the streets on Wednesday! Or, Sandy and I are moving in with Alan and Susie in Toronto. 


Speaking of pets, a big welcome to the newest member of the tribe, Ruby S Hirsh. They don’t come any cuter!  And, a big congrats to our two Bark-mitzvah dogs, Nox and Rico. Fabulous celebration!


T-shirt update: The order is in! thanks to all for your continued support. Once they arrive, we will figure out the logistics.
And now, the JNR proudly presents, this weeks selected news items (a solid offering, btw), courtesy of The Forward.
– Debate: Is the Orange Turd good or bad for the Jews? Seriously? While 80% of the tribe are supporting Democrats across the board, there is still a contingency of mostly orthodox that support the orange turd.  I suggest you hold your nose and read this debate as it is an interesting and insightful read. 

– An interview with Erran Borat Cohen, who composes the scores for his brother Sacha Borat’s movies – I am not a big fan of Borat, but some interesting insights here on the Borat family. BTW, Rudi was doing more than tucking in that shirt, the sleaze bag! 

– Rabbi Springsteen? Bit of a reach, but i am a huge Bruce fan and found this piece entertaining. Springsteen, now 71, has just released a new album, which is awesome of course, and there is a lot of spiritual themes around mortality and death (eg Last Man Standing – a tribute to him being the last person from his original band, the Castiles, still alive). I am getting the vinyl version!

–  The Chicago 7 Trial, did Sorkin get it wrong? Jeremy Kagan, got it righter in his 1987 version. Sandy and I just watched it (Amazon Prime) and would agree.

– “Originalism is for Schmucks” or what Amy Coney Barrett could learn from the Talmud – While the country moves steadily toward more secular liberalism, our Supreme Court is now majority Roman Catholic, (6 of 9) while Roman Catholics make up only 20% of the population. Barrett even belongs to a whacko Catholic cult within the cult. Go figure. Be prepared for the worst. 

– Should we give up on family members that support the orange turd? I say, YES, YES, YES!!!! But for a another opinion, read this. (Paul Horwitz, this one had me thinking about you and Jeff)

– Joe Biden and Israel – A true friend and life-long supporter. A good ending for any Jew still thinking the orange turd is better for Israel. 

All for now, and hey, let’s be careful out there!
Brad out. https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets.forward.com/103020-2.pdf

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